Electronic Registration of Visiting Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals coming to Serbia can now report their stay using a brand new e-service Foreign Nationals Registration on euprava.gov.rs instead of going to the Ministry of the Interior

Foreign Nationals Registration is a service that allows natural persons having guests from abroad to register their stay at any given moment on euprava.gov.rs, without having to go to the MoI.

“At the moment, we have put in place the first stage of the service: the applicant can register a foreign national either on the applicant’s own home address or on the address of a property owned by the applicant. When registering a foreign national, the applicant needs to leave his or her own e-mail address and the e-mail address of the guest from abroad to receive a certificate of registration via e-mail. After a successful e-registration, both the applicant and the foreign national will be e-mailed an e-form to fill in. A completed registration form e-mailed back to us is sufficient evidence of registration. There is no need to go to the MoI, and foreigners will no longer need to carry a card as proof of their registration”, said Prof Mihailo Jovanović, Director of the Office for IT and e-Government.

The service is available only to users of the eUprava portal registered using a qualified e-certificate, he added.

Registration of a visiting foreign national at the address of a property owned by the applicant will not be possible if the property is not registered with the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ) and if the address cannot be found in the Serbian Address Register.

The rulebook on the registration of foreign nationals visiting Serbia is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

Instructions on how to use the service and how to apply for electronic registration of visiting foreign nationals are available here.