EKO Serbia and Traffic Safety Agency Have Signed a Protocol on Cooperation

Representatives of EKO SERBIA, with representatives of the Agency for Traffic Safety, at a press conference on Thursday, 21 July 2016, officially announced the start of partnership and cooperation and on this occasion a protocol on cooperation was signed with which EKO pumps joined the summer campaign of prevention of traffic accidents titled 'Drive Fresh’.

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of regular breaks during the longer journeys and is intended for all passengers in the summer season, both in transit and on local routes.

EKO Serbia continues to be devoted to the projects of public interest and as a socially responsible company is involved in the campaign in two ways. Tips for a safe journey in the form of leaflets translated into 4 languages will be distributed to drivers at EKO petrol stations across Serbia. In addition to the educational part at EKO petrol stations on the highway oasis for relaxation will be placed, and in the days and hours in the peak of rush hour on the roads, EKO promo teams will grant a free bottle of water to travellers who pause on EKO petrol station Sopot and Cuprija 1 to freshen up before continuing the journey. At the end of the summer season, an oasis of rest will be placed at the petrol station in the opposite direction of EKO Cuprija 2 and Vrčin, due to the increased number of passengers in transit back from vacation.

Summer is a period when there is the biggest number of accidents on the roads, when the roads busiest and when, often tired, drivers make mistakes for which they kill entire families. This educational and preventive campaign will continue after the summer season through joint activities of EKO and Traffic Safety Agency.

Attendees were addressed by Director of Traffic Safety Agency – Jasmina Milosevic, General Manager of EKO Serbia – Goran Dejanovic, Commercial Director of EKO Serbia – Vassilis Makris, Marketing and PR Manager – Marija Lukic.

The goal of all activities is doing business in accordance with the basic vision of the company – be the first choice of consumers, provide services and products of superior quality, at the same time taking care of our employees and the preservation of the environment.

EKO SERBIA ad was established in September 2002 as a member of Hellenic Petroleum Group, the energy leader in Greece and Southeast Europe. EKO Serbia has invested over 100 million euros and employs over 800 people. Today the company operates in the network of 54 petrol stations and plans to continue its expansion, with the aim that products and services of the company are available throughout the country.