eInspector of the Office for IT and eGovernment declared one of the top three innovative initiatives in Europe

Mihajlo Jovanovic

The Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment, with its information system – eInspector, found its place among the three best innovative initiatives at the Emerging Europe Award ceremony, which took place within this year’s Europe Leaders’ Meeting in London.

At the ceremony held on June 28, 2019, at the headquarters of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Director of the Office for IT and eGovernment, Mihailo Jovanović pointed out the key factor that contributed to the success of eGovernment in Serbia – setting digitalization as one of the priorities of the Government of the Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić, as well as her decision to establish the Office for IT and eGovernment as a government service.

“The vision and concept of digitalization, implemented by the Government, will definitely allow Serbia to use its chance in the era of the fourth industrial revolution to become a regional technological, scientific and cultural leader, and the information system eInspector is just one example of how, through digitalization, the Government of the Republic of Serbia managed to transform public administration by introducing eGovernment”, Jovanović said.

In his address, Jovanović also referred to the importance of cooperation within Europe, but also within the Western Balkan region, where he pointed out that the Western Balkans Digital Summit, which took place this April in Belgrade, is proof that Serbia and the region have a strong political will for digital transformation of the entire region. Regional exchange of knowledge and ideas, but also regional networking and enabling electronic services within the region is of utmost importance for the further development of each economy, but also of the region as a whole.

Out of a total of 227 nominated projects in 16 categories, the Office for IT and eGovernment, with its information system – eInspector, was ranked in the top 10 innovative initiatives of the year, and tonight in London it has achieved great success, as it has been declared one of the top 3 initiatives in the Innovation Initiative of the Year category. Companies and organizations that have implemented innovative practices and technologies in their products, services or processes, resulting in significant improvements in work efficiency were placed in this category.

The information system eInspector aims to informatize the work of all 43 inspection services in the Republic of Serbia. The introduction of this system ensures better coordination between inspections, automation of the work of inspection services and better control efficiency, standardization of the work of inspections and availability of data for all inspections, and consequently there is also the effect of cost reduction for the economy. The first four pilot inspections in which 831 inspectors are operating (Sanitary Inspection, Market Inspection, Labour Inspectorate and Administrative Inspectorate) began using this system in January 2019, and another 32 inspections will be included in July.

eInspector enables a higher level of efficiency of inspection control in the Republic of Serbia with the aim of achieving a higher level of implementation of regulations with minimum “inspection burden” on business entities and enabling the application of modern European and global concepts and practice of inspection control.