Dolphins gave donation and New Year’s package to the children’s village

Our water polo representatives and promoters of UNIQA insurance Andrija Prlainović, Milan Aleksić and Dušan Mandić presented a 250,000 dinar check to the Children’s Home in front of this company. The donation will be redirected to the development of education programs and many other forms of support to improve the quality of life of children living or working on the street.

In addition to the monetary donation, the Dolphins welcomed the inmates for children aged 5 to 15 years old to new year’s packages, which were collected by employees of UNIQA Insurance.

 “We believe that every child has the potential for big things and that it is our duty for adults to provide them with conditions in which they will be able to achieve it. Males from the Shelter are exposed to multiple risks every day. Therefore, they need even more attention, more love and care, and strong support, so that they can break the cycle of poverty, life and work on the street, said Gordana Bukumiric, president of the Executive Board of UNIQA Insurance.

Since its inception, UNIQA Insurance has invested about RSD 90 million in projects of social responsibility and has helped over 20 institutions for health care, receiving, care and education of the most endangered children across Serbia.

The Children’s Home was established in 2007 and represents a safe environment that responds to the needs of children working on the street – fosters their psychosocial development by providing them with regular, nutritionally balanced meals, clean clothes and footwear, as well as support during education and inclusion in the education system.