Discover Mastercard Travel Tips

Mastercard today unveils travel tips which will ensure that holidaymakers will benefit from the safety and convenience provided by electronic payments at every step of their trip – from planning and booking to spending time at their holiday destination. When travelling abroad, people increasingly embrace the advantages of electronic payments and adopt them as an essential while being on holiday.

Europeans are fond of travelling. On average, they travel for leisure within their country or abroad 10 times a year with Czechs and Slovaks being on top of the list with 19 trips per year and 8 for Serbians.

Serbia welcomed more than 1.5 million international visitors in 2017, who most typically visited Belgrade, mountain ski centres and spas.

When it comes to travels outside the country, Serbs most typically travel to Greece – the latest MasterIndex Serbia 2018 study has confirmed that this country is the top travel choice for 53% of Serbs, followed by Montenegro  (24%), BiH (15%), Germany (14%) and Hungary (13%).

Furthermore, three-quarters of all respondents plan on travelling abroad this year, and more than a half of them (57%) will travel for vacation, while 1 in 10 of respondents travels for work. While Serbs bring both payment cards and cash with them when they travel, cards are most commonly used to pay for shopping (50%), in restaurants and cafes (43%), as well as to pay for accommodation onsite (31%).

“Mastercard has become the ideal travel companion for people on the go who value the security, speed and convenience of electronic payments without facing the hassle of cash and exchange offices. We want to assist holidaymakers and business travellers get the most out of their trips before, during and after the journey. Mastercard travel tips are designed to make people’s holidays even more secure and enjoyable while benefitting from our priceless experiences.” said Jelena Ristic, Mastercard Country Manager, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro.

When you plan your trip…

  • Keep phone numbers handy: Make a list of important numbers before you travel
  • Know the benefits linked to your card: Ask your bank about benefits like travel insurance and leisure services
  • Create an unforgettable itinerary and visit the site at for unforgettable experiences

During your holiday

  • Are you a lover of food, philosophy, or Greek mythology? Athens is waiting for you! Book your priceless experience:
  • Want to party? Discover the Festivals in Poland, Hungary, Bosnia, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine & pay contactless
  • Never leave your card alone: When paying by card at a cafe or a restaurant, ask the waiter to bring the card reader or go with him to pay.
  • Pay in Local currency: When using your card abroad, always pay in local currency to get the best conversion rate

When you are back home

  • Check your statements: Don’t forget to check your statements and report suspicious charges to your bank within 30 days
  • Share ratings and reviews: Help other travellers out by rating and reviewing your favourite places and experiences