Belgrade To Get Diplomatic Club

The history of the Diplomatic club in Belgrade dates back to 1951 when the first building for this purpose was built.

The history of the Diplomatic club in Belgrade dates back to 1951 when the first building for this purpose was built.  At the time, the Diplomatic Club used to be a unique place in Belgrade where representatives of the diplomatic corps were able to spend their leisure time enjoying absolute safety and peace, as well as social and recreational activities.

Through the 1970’s the Club saw a substantial rise in the number of members due to more interest among the diplomatic corps members. This period lasted until the late 1990’s when finally, despite a long history and multiple reconstructions, the Belgrade Diplomatic Club was closed down in 2010.

Nowadays, Serbia has the pleasure of hosting more than one hundred diplomatic and consular missions. This fact led to an inevitable growing need of building a new place where accredited diplomats in Belgrade can socialise and engage in recreational and other activities.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the National Property Directorate and Dipos Ltd joined forces to implement such a project of great importance not only for Belgrade and Serbia but foremost for the diplomatic community for which it is primarily intended.

„Our goal is to bring a news Diplomatic Club to our dear guests from the diplomatic, consular, trade and other foreign representatives and missions accredited here in the Republic of Serbia, which will fulfil all their needs to unwind and relax after a stressful working day at the office” said  Đoko Krivokapić, Dipos General Manager.

The new Diplomatic Club will be built at its former address, 317 Bulevar Oslobodjenja in Belgrade.

In parallel with the construction of the new Diplomatic Club offering an extensive range of opportunities for, among other things, social and leisure activities, for work and recreation, diplomats will finally have their corner in Belgrade where they will feel at home.

The new Diplomatic Club will consist of an exclusive entrance hall, a hospitality area, a retail unit, beauty treatment units and will also include offices, sports units and a technical block. The exterior amenities will include outdoor sporting activities for the Club’s guests, banquet venues with walking paths and benches.

Dipos Ltd intends to build a new exquisite facility featuring a contemporary and cost-effective concept of organisation and business, in line with the latest construction standards and the needs of foreign diplomatic and consular missions, entrepreneurs and international organisations with their missions in the Republic of Serbia.