Day Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Strengthening SMEs through cooperation with the education system Italian business leaders celebrate SME Day

Sremska Mitrovicarecently hosted the event “Day of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” – PMI Day 2016,which was organised by Confindustria Serbia, the association of Italian industrialists, in cooperation and with the institutional support of the City of Sremska Mitrovica and Mayor Vladimir Sanader.

“Our initiative addresses the young people who represent the most valuable resource that this country possesses. We want PMI Day to be an opportunity for the younger generations to have an overview, from a broader perspective, of the way our companies organise their operations, to gain insight into the efforts that we business leaders exert in order to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and advance the business environment,” said Erich Cossutta,president of Confindustria Serbia, speaking at a press conference marking the event.

The event was also followed by Deputy Economy Minister responsible for small and medium-sized enterprises, Katarina Obradović Jovanović, who noted that “the State is focused more than ever on the development of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises. In the Year of Entrepreneurship, financial and non-financial support is not only provided to the sector through 33 different programmes, but rather also through tangible steps taken to introduce dual education. Companies have an important role to play in this work, not only in the sense of noting their staffing requirements, but also by playing an active role in their education”.


 “The Day of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” – PMI Day 2016 provided an opportunity to establish a dialogue between the worlds of the economy, education and the local community, where three companies – Luvata, Steeltec and Labor legno – opened the doors of their production facilities to students, teachers and the local community, in order to share with young people their insight into the world of production, relations with employees and the importance of creating an appropriate system of education that prepares future staff.

This initiative, organised in Italy for the seventh time by Confindustria – the largest and most important Italian association of manufacturing and service companies – saw the organising of this event in Serbia for the first time this year.