Competition for training providers in the field of IT retraining

Competition for training providers in the field of IT retraining

The Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) invites organisations to apply for the Competition for organising retraining programs in the field of information technology.

The competition aims to support organisations/institutions that will offer the program of retraining or training in the field of information technologies for employees who are interested in changing professions and work in the information technology sector.

This retraining circuit is designed and adapted to employees who want to change their careers and start a new one in the IT sector. In the following week, a competition will be announced for students.

“In this round of retraining, our aim is, besides learning standard programming languages, to enable future attendees to pass training software testing. Innovation in teaching will be appreciated at the competition, and lectures will be adapted to the employees and will be held on weekends and weekdays after 18 hours. The program will last nine months with compulsory practice in companies,” said Mihailo Jovanović, Ph.D., Director of IT and eGovernment Office.

He added that the IT Prequalification Program for IT was launched in 2017 at the initiative of the Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić. So far, two retraining rounds for employees and unemployed who have completed 800 attendees have been completed, while the third round is exclusively for the unemployed in progress. Now we are calling within the third circle and a call for employees who want to change their profession and are trained in the information technology sector.

The deadline for submission of applications by interested organisations for organising the program is November 15, 2018, until midnight, and applications are submitted electronically to

For questions related to the procedure for applying for a competition, interested organisations can only contact electronically at until November 12, 2018, until 17:00.

You can download all documents regarding application to the program here