Zrenjaninsko beer again available to Zrenjaniners

Vladimir Vava, Cedomir Janjic, Jovo Vujic Zrenjaninsko

After more than 15 years, first bottles of Zrenjaninsko beer, the favourite beverage of the Zrenjaniners, have been produced in the Čelarevo brewery.

The project is a result of the cooperation between the City of Zrenjanin and Carlsberg Serbia, with a goal to renew the beer production and tradition in the city on Begej. Two dinars of each sold bottle will be invested in the creation of the new Zrenjanin craft brewery.

Mayor if Zrenjanin, Čedomir Janjić, and the Managing Director of Carlsberg Serbia, Vladimir Vava, had the honour to be the first gentleman to toast with the new beer.

First bottles of „Zrenjaninsko“ beer will be available in the stores starting with 1st of March, and it will be sold in the 0,5 refillable package.