Carlsberg Serbia marked Global Beer Responsibility Day

Carlsberg Serbia

Carlsberg Serbia marks another Global Beer Responsibility Day with several activities to remind their employees, and their customers, to responsibly enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Motor vehicles in downtown Belgrade were surprised with a notice left under their windscreen wipers – to drink alcohol responsibly! In this way, Carlsberg Serbia directly reminded everyone getting ready for another night out in town to leave their cars at home. Under the slogan “I know what I did last night, I consume alcohol responsibly”, Carlsberg marked Global Beer Responsibility Day by reminding its consumers that memories are the most beautiful part of a great party.

“Excessive alcohol consumption slows down the processing of information, leads to slower reactions and creates so-called ’memory holes’, all of which can destroy the good feeling we have after a great time spent with our friends. Therefore, with continuous activities, we remind all of our consumers to responsibly enjoy beer”, said Jovana Mladenović, Manager for Communications of Carlsberg Serbia.

Activities in light of Global Beer Responsibility Day promoting responsible beer consumption, started last weekend, during Apgrade festival. The Carlsberg patrol gave out special bracelets to all festival-goers to remind them to responsibly consume beer so that the next day they could remember the previous night. The Carlsberg patrol will in coming weeks continue to pop up at various manifestations that attract young people, many of whom are entering the world of alcohol consumption. In doing so, Carlsberg aims to reach thousands of young people with the message that you can enjoy beer responsibly.

Global Beer Responsibility Day started in 2015 as an initiative of the beer industry to create awareness around responsible consumption of beer, it is aimed at consumers, sellers, caterers, and society in general. On Global Beer Responsibility Day, Carlsberg around the world, has multiple activities, training and educational programs planned with the goal to reduce unwanted effects of alcohol and underage drinking, and driving under the influence of alcohol.