Carlsberg And Dunđerski Awards 4th Generation of Scholarships

Carlsberg And Dunđerski Awards 4th Generation of Scholarships

For the fourth year in a row, the Carlsberg and Dunđerski Foundation has chosen a new generation of scholars, students of the University of Novi Sad.

Applications for the competition were received from 13 to 24 November 2017, after which the Executive Board of the Foundation, in cooperation with the faculties, selected winners – the best students of the second, third and fourth year of studies at the Faculties of Law and Economics, and master studies at the Faculty of Technology.

Thirteen students will receive a scholarship of RSD 100,000 each. The winners for the academic year 2017/18 are: Anđela Prešljak, Nikola Stojanović, Katarina Simović, Tamara Dragutinović and Miljana Bigović at the Faculty of Law; Ema Golijan, Tijana Babić and Emilija Milivojević at the Faculty of Technology; and Vladimir Petković, Marina Denić, Denis Kušter, Ana Jovanović and Stefan Stošić at the Faculty of Economics.

Carlsberg and Dunđerski Foundation Manager Jovana Mladenović pointed out that it is an honour for the Foundation to continue to contribute to the development of science and education by rewarding young and successful individuals.

“Excellence is something we strive for in all parts of our business, and for that reason, we have been awarding scholarships for the past four years to the best students of the Faculties of Law, Economics and Technology of the University of Novi Sad. Since knowledge is the most valuable resource both in life and on the labour market, we not only invest in the best students through the foundation scholarships but at the same time we are sending a message to their colleagues that effort, hard work and responsibility are recognised”, said Jovana Mladenović.

Through the Carlsberg and Dunđerski Foundation, Carlsberg Serbia continues to cherish the rich tradition of investing in the welfare of society established by two passionate beer-lovers and benefactors – Jakob K. Jakobsen, founder of the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen and Lazar Dunđerski, founder of the Čelarevo brewery.

Since its establishment in 2015 as a result of their heritage, the foundation has awarded 45 scholarships and 3 grants for PhD studies, for a total value of RSD 5,150,000.