Čadež: Serbian innovations are changing the world industry

Marko Cadez

Serbian Chamber of Commerce President Marko Čadež congratulated CarGo Technologies on joining Forbes’ list of ten global companies changing the industry and noted that thanks to CarGo and similar applications, Serbia is becoming recognized in the world as a place that not only applies the latest technologies but also creates new value.

With the support of CarGo Technologies and the start-up community, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, in Čadež’s words, encourages young people to develop export products for the 21st century through their innovations, stay in the country and create new and better-paying jobs here.

CAR:GO app passenger transportation

“CarGo and similar companies are the best ambassadors of the Serbian economy. As we are proud of Novak Djokovic, basketball players, water polo players, there are also increased number of new products, services and business models that are globally applied and recognized by the world,” Čadež concludes.

Forbes states that CarGo currently has more than 600,000 registered users and three thousand partners providing the service and that the platform is currently expanding its business in Vienna, Zurich and St. Tropez after Belgrade.