Belgrade Waterfront in 2020: Residential talk of the town

Belgrade Waterfront

After presenting branded W Residences and selling its 2000th apartment in late 2019, Belgrade Waterfront has entered a new year still remaining in the spotlight of Serbian residential industry.

As it now offers many different architectural and apartment types, it is only natural the buyers are drawn to the abundance of choices. The quality of the works and the exciting city centre location are the obvious reasons to select this urban hub as your new place of interest – but is there something more to it?

As it appears, it is. The modern buyers, focused as they are on the space itself, never seem to forget about the overall lifestyle connected to their future place of residence. In the case of Belgrade Waterfront, this comes purely as an advantage. With a distinctive one place offers it all philosophy, it creates a potential of a life in which you needn’t sacrifice anything – your job proximity, your children’s schools and kindergartens – and everything to gain – a surrounding of cafes, restaurants, sports terrains and a stunning esplanade. From the point of a buyer – sounds just about right.