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The provisional hospital at the Belgrade Fair started today to receive the first patients with the coronavirus symptoms.

As of today, only patients and healthcare professionals will be able to enter the facility, as the whole space is disinfected and ready for the treatment of the sick.

Space is provided in halls 1, 3, 4 and 5, and the Armed Forces delivered approximately 3,000 beds and cabinets, the space between the beds is enclosed by screens, with medical offices with X-ray machines in the galleries.

In addition to specialist doctors, there will be psychologists in the provisional hospital.

All sanitary conditions are provided at the Belgrade Fair, patients will be provided with food in the area, with a constant temperature of 20 degrees in the building, and in addition, the entire Fair is covered by wi-fi connection.

You can see a list* of all the things that patients are required to do and can bring with them.

The main purpose of this, as well as other temporary hospitals opening in the country, is to isolate patients who have mild illnesses and are positive for the virus so that the disease does not spread further, but also to be under constant medical supervision.

So far, such patients have been sent to home isolation, and by placing them in a temporary hospital, they are protecting their families.

On the other hand, mass testing of people suspected of COVID-19 was announced, and it is expected that a large number of those infected will be detected in this way.

Treatment of patients with milder symptoms is expected to last between 14 and 28 days.

* The patient is obliged to bring:

1. All his/her medical records

2. The medicines for his/her regular therapy

The patient should take:

1. Things he/she needs for personal hygiene

2. Pajamas

3. Slippers, sneakers

4. Tracksuit or other comfortable clothing, at least two pairs

5. Towels

6. Bathrobe – optional

7. Glass, plastic if possible

8. Toilet paper and towels, if desired

9. Bed linen – optional. The beds have linen and will have disposable linen, but if they wish, the patient can bring his/her own. The same applies for pillows and blankets

10. Patients can bring their phones, laptops, or tablets. Chargers should also be brought, though there will be extra at the Fairgrounds for those who forget theirs. It is not a bad idea to bring a headset too.


• The halls of the Fairgrounds are under constant supervision of medical staff and have adequately equipped offices

• Psychiatric support will also be available to patients

• All the halls of the Fairgrounds are heated

• Patients will be provided with nutrition

• There are toilets in the halls and additional toilets and showers are provided

• The whole Fairgrounds is covered by good wi-fi connectivity

• Each room in the halls has its own electrical connections

• Patients are allowed to move around the halls of the Fairgrounds where quarantine is set up, in accordance with their physical capabilities, with the request that the movement be moderate because it is more favorable to their health status

• Patients will also have at their disposal numerous television sets, books, magazines, board games, computers

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