Beko And FC Barcelona Fight Against Child Obesity

Beko, one of the leading European leading freestanding home appliances brand, continued to amplify its CSR initiative ‘Eat Like Pro’, a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the global epidemic of childhood obesity by educating the world on the importance of good nutrition as well as encouraging consumers to emulate their FC Barcelona heroes and ‘Eat Like A Pro’.

With that aim, Beko started cooperation with a world-renowned Italian chef, Alessandro Borghese, to prepare a range of exclusive, delicious and healthy recipes for his creation that has been approved by Dra.AntoniaLizárraga, FC Barcelona’s top nutritionist.

Those recipescan be found through the ‘Eat Like A Pro’ website where, parents, children and families can explore a range of fun activities, healthy eating hints, tips and recipes enabling Beko to inspire, raise awareness and educate families on the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Dra.Antonia Lizárraga was on hand to discuss the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet. She said, “To keep the players in top form, they must sustain a general healthy eating pattern which helps to support the needs of a fit, energetic and lean player. Children must also have balanced diets and must be energised on a daily basis through proper nutrition to keep fit and strong. Beko is helping to enable kids and parents on a global scale through its innovative approach and campaign, sustaining a better living for each generation.”

Chief Marketing Officer, Zeynep Yalım Uzun also attended the event in Milan and spoke about healthy living. She explained how Beko’s latest innovations inspire healthy eating and explained, “If current trends continue the number of overweight or obese infants and young children globally will increase to 70 million by 2025. Childhood obesity is a global issue and at Beko, we are striving to tackle this crisis through using innovative technologies that make healthy eating easier whilst raising awareness at the same time. From refrigerators that keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days and a range of small appliances that can make healthy smoothies in no time at all, Beko has a wide range of appliances featuring smart and helpful technologies to help families eat healthier at home. Beko believes in bringing people meaningful solutions as a partner who understands and helps them in their everyday lives.”

The biggest global expo of kitchen technology and appliances, EuroCuccina 2018, is taking place in Milan, and Beko is participating in it through the presentation of its innovations in design and products.

Innovative built-in products which can easily fit in with different lifestyles were presented at the Expo alongside a range of devices the technological innovation of which are compatible with the contemporary needs of modern consumers. These solutions allow users to benefit from innovations and unprecedented quality of storing food and healthy preparation of food, while at the same time enhancing their culinary skills.

  • NeoFrostDual Cooling Technology, built within Beko’s top range of fridge-freezers, creates the ideal environment for both frozen and refrigerated food, through two separate cooling systems.
  • Inventive Split&Cook® technology saves both time and space and allows users to cook food at two different temperatures, up to 80°C apart – at the same time.
  • HobToHood® intelligent technology evaluates the exact extractor speed and automatically adjusts to the optimum ventilation level required whilst cooking.
  • FlameAdjust™ allows consumers to adjust the flame levels on its hobs in a precise and controlled manner.
  • Beko’s dishwashers featuring AutoDosing technology save the hassle of loading detergent each time – up to one month.