Banking Is All About People!

How many times have you heard that companies offer tailor – made products and services? How many of them were exactly what you needed? UniCredit Bank realized that if we want to make a difference we need to walk in the shoes of our clients in order to understand what they really care about. With the aim to win over the hearts of the people, we have started the initiative UChange.

„When we decided to change the way of doing banking, the only thing that was clear from very beginning is that we had to give the main role to the clients. We asked ourselves who could know better than them what can we do in order to improve their experience in a branch”, Csilla Ihasz, president of Management Board of UniCredit Bank Serbia, explains the reasons.

This very unique initiative on the Serbian market, was consisted of different preparation phases. First we listened to our customers through various communication channels in order to find out what bothers them in the way we are doing banking. We put all this data together and analysed customer experience, we clustered major pain points and observed them in three areas – space, people, service.

And Saturday, November 18th, was a major milestone in our UChange initiative. Together with 50 existing, prospect and ex-customers we were reshaping the way they feel in our branches. The colleagues presented them with potential solutions, which they tested and suggested the modifications.

“Looking back at the moment when we sent invitations for this event for us was nothing extraordinary. But when I met guests on Saturday, I have realized that we did something unexpected, something unexpected. They told us that this is the first time that a bank asked for their opinion in this way. Even though they were sceptic about their role, when workshops started, they realized that we really need them to make a change. This was a breakthrough. I have to say that energy and engagement peaked.. When I saw how different groups defended their stand points – with lots of passion, I was convinced that we did the right thing”, Ms. Ihasz continues.          

After very productive all – day discussion, our guests agreed upon three quick solutions which will be piloted in several branches in the upcoming months.

At the end, Ms. Ihasz added: “We decided that all those who were engaged in creating excellent customer experience in UniCredit branches will be the first to test the solutions. Because, at the end, everything in banking is about the people and thus they will continue to play main role in the transformation of our business”.