PM Ana Brnabić Opens Regional Start-up Centre in Čačak

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić attended today in Čačak the opening of a new Regional innovation start-up centre, in which young engineers will be able to turn their ideas into business.

At the opening of this centre within the Scientific and Technology Park in Čačak which exists since 2014, Brnabic said that young engineers are the future of Serbia, and their innovations are what will lead our country forward.

She recalled that an invitation has been announced today for all interested teams to apply for the positions at the start-up centre, where they will have state-of-the-art technological equipment and education for business development and protection of intellectual property rights.

Innovation will enable us to make up for the chances that we lost in previous years and will help Serbia become one of the winners in Europe in the creation of innovative technologies, the Prime Minister assessed.

The Prime Minister expressed her hope that the young people from that part of Serbia will stay there, develop their ideas and send them to the world.

She announced that by the end of her mandate, Serbia will have four science and technology parks, noting that two have already been opened.

One is the science-technology park in Čačak, and the park in Belgrade, which started operations in 2015, and today it comprises 70 companies which employ 700 engineers, Brnabić stated.

The Prime Minister explained that the other two science and technology parks are in construction in Novi Sad and Niš, adding that start-up centres will be developed in other cities because of the talent and potentials our young engineers.

Minister without portfolio in charge of Innovation and Technological Development Nenad Popović stressed that if Serbia wants to develop its economy, it has to invest in young talent and innovations and that adequate infrastructure is necessary.

Popović announced that eight more innovation start-up centres will be opened in Serbia by the end of the year, with the remark that this one in Čačak is the first of that kind.