Ambassador of Turkey: We are fighting terrorism in Syria

Ambassador of Turkey to Belgrade Tanju Bilgiç

Ambassador of Turkey to Belgrade H.E. Tanju Bilgiç said today that the Turkish military’s action in Syria is not directed against the Kurdish population but terrorists.

Ambassador Tanju Bilgiç said that one of the goals is to stop the wave of refugees towards the Balkans and strengthen Syria’s stability.

Turkey has reached an agreement with Washington and Moscow, indicating Ankara’s determination to resolve the problem of refugees and terrorism at the Turkish border. We support the territorial integrity of Syria, Bilgic said.

He stated that Turkey is part of NATO and a candidate for EU membership, but that it does not prevent it from cooperating with Moscow. That cooperation contributes to solving the problem, Ambassador Bilgiç said.

He said Turkey was determined to stem the terrorist threat from Syria. We want 3.6 million refugees in Turkey to return home.

Our goal is to make Syria a safe country, Ambassador Bilgiç said. He also stressed that some EU members support Turkish military action in Syria. We expect the EU to support the fight against terrorism.

There are double standards in the EU. Brussels should understand our struggle. It is not a fight against the people, but a terrorist, Ambassador Bilgiç said.