Ambassador of Russia addresses the QUINT statement on the Serbia Kosovo relation

Alexander Bocan Harchenko, New Ambassador of Russia

“We have observed absolutely nothing new or encouraging in the statement of the Quint countries,” said Ambassador of Russia to Serbia H.E. Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, following the joint statement by Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States and Italy.

It is only possible to renew the dialogue by working vigorously with Pristina and putting pressure on Pristina in order to abolish fees and prevent the use of force, the ambassador said.

What is the connection between the establishment of a dialogue with the withdrawal of Kosovo’s recognition which is unilaterally declared independence? It is the sovereign job of other states to understand that Kosovo has a false statehood, as well as it contradicts international law, the ambassador noted in reference to the QUINT statement that “Kosovo should suspend the tariffs imposed on Serbia, while Serbia, that should suspend the de-recognition campaign against Kosovo.”

No one has yet embarked on preventing Kosovo from entering international institutions, which is contrary to international law.

It is also unclear why Euro-Atlantic integration is at stake. QUINT again ignores Serbia’s stance on military-political neutrality. The reality is that Belgrade conducts pre-accession negotiations only with the European Union.

Therefore, it is hardly possible for this statement to be categorised under “We have done everything to renew the dialogue…”

We (Russia) believe that preconditions are being created for Belgrade to be blamed once again for the failure of dialogue, said Ambassador Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko in his statement.