Airport City: Promotion Of The Calendar 2018

Airport City Belgrade hosted a promotion of its 2018 calendar, inspired by the works of René Magritte, a Belgian surrealist artist.

What is the connection between this famous Belgian surrealist and Serbia’s biggest business park?

It has already become a tradition for Airport City to set the creative benchmark extremely high for designers and photographers attempting to reimagine the visage of glass façades and floral parks in some completely different discourse.

This year’s homage to Magritte follows last year’s romantic and exquisite photographs of M. Trajković -using an antiquated technique from the early days of photography in the service of an unusual rhapsody at ACB, the previous year’s artistic movement and contemporary dance with the visually cold surfaces of the façades and rooftops of New Belgrade, and 2013’s black & white fashion photography of minimalised forms in a business environment…

Always ready to surprise and boldly try something new in building this otherwise unparalleled and impeccable business concept – the first business park in our country.

As stated by the project director and ACB CEO Adir El Al, Airport City will continue to develop along with other projects of the same group of investors, such as the major new Skyline project.