AGIT 2008: European Standards, Regional Success

Company AGIT 2008, one of the leading firms in the field of general cargo transport services and intermodal units in the region, organised a formal gathering to present its current business plans, visions of the future and new business premises.

AGIT 2008

The gathering was attended by Miodrag Poledica, State Secretary at the Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Davorka Velecki Čičak, Minister at the Croatian Embassy to Serbia, Vasilije Krstić, commercial director of Serbia Kargo, Goran Masnec, senior advisor at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) for the CEFTA subsector, presidents of the municipalities of the City of Belgrade, CEOs from leading companies in Serbia and the region, as well as Danijel Krakić, CEO of HŽ Cargo Ltd., and representatives of AGIT-2008 from Serbia, Croatian, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republika Srpska.

As one of the examples of the successful and visionary operations of Agit Ltd., company representatives cited the project Go rail – Go green, which is co-financed by the European Union’s programme under the title Marco Polo II, which aims to increase the share of intermodal transport through the redirecting of traffic from road to rail, sea and inland waterways. Agita’s partners in this project are AGCT container terminal from Rijeka and the Baltic Container Terminal (BTC) from Poland.

This project is fully aligned with the plans of the European Union for the percentage of intermodal transport, due to the benefits of a favourable impact on the environment and economic development, to account for 40 per cent of all international and national transport by 2020.