15 Years Of Super Vero In Serbia

15 Years Of Super Vero In Serbia Nikos Veropoulos

Ever since building of business in Serbia started in 2002, Veropoulos Company has shown great commitment to its loyal customers, employees and environment, becoming a crucial element of Serbian market and constantly striving to be a paragon of quality, tenacity and tradition.

Today, 15 years later, Super Vero is more than a supermarket today – it is a family, socially responsible company, active in the process of creating a stable Serbian society, with over 2 million satisfied customers, 500 employees, 15.000m2 of sales space and 40.000.000 euros spent on investments.  

Veropoulos Company is one of the first investors that came to Serbia, recognizing the Serbian market as one of the biggest markets in the region with great economic potential and challenging consumers satisfied only with the highest standards. Growing from the 19th-century family business from Athens, Veropoulos Company has in the last 50 years expanded its business opportunities to Macedonia and Serbia, becoming one of the largest retail shops in this part of the Balkans.

Veropoulos has built two well-known brands in Serbia – SuperVero and Jumbo – notable for its pleasant ambient, quality products, excellent service and a wide variety of brands. First came SuperVero with now more than 2 million customers, 500 employees, 15.000 m2 of selling space in Serbia, and since 2016 three Jumbo retail shops were built, specialized in toys, office supplies, baby and home decoration products. Veropoulos Company has been caring about the comfort and happiness of its customers for more than a decade, offering them a great selection of high-quality products and exceptional service has invested 40.000.000 euros on the local market.  

“For the past 15 years, the Veropoulos Company has been continuously observing the needs of the Serbian market and consumer demands. Successfully dealing with everyday challenges, we continue in our efforts to thrive and contribute to every Serbian household by maintaining our strongest dedication. In a time of change, our family name is a symbol of top quality service, a diverse product range, and the commitment to our loyal shoppers”, said Nikos Veropoulos, owner and CEO of Veropoulos Company.

Veropoulos Company is constantly adapting to consumer habits and trying to fill buyers’ basket of goods with new brand names. As a company with international aspirations, Veropoulos has recognized the complementarity of cultures of Greece and Serbia, which resulted in spreading economic influence and changing the landscape of the market in this region.

Good location stores, a wide selection of goods, fresh food, traditional Greek products and a flair for fulfilling the expectations makes Veropoulos Company truly passionate about its business.