Ljiljana And Srđan Teodosijević, Owners Of Best Real Estate:

Full Focus On The Client

Expats, members of the diplomatic corps, corporate clients and the like trust our team's professional expertise when choosing the perfect family home or modern business property

We spoke with Ljiljana and Srđan Teodosijević of Best Real Estate about the Serbian real estate market and the range of services available to their clients.

How would you describe Best Real Estate and what are the main characteristics of your method of doing business?

– We are what our name says: BEST REAL ESTATE. Best Real Estate encompasses both the local business expertise of real estate professionals and the skills of each of our team members. Understanding our customers’ individual needs is at the heart of everything we do. When it comes to doing business, our mantra is “focus fully on the client.”

How would you define Best Real Estate´s target market?

– Our business caters to a discerning clientele, who place great emphasis on the highest of standards when choosing a property to rent or buy. Expats, members of the diplomatic corps, corporate clients and the like trust our team´s professional expertise when choosing a property, be they seeking the perfect family home or a modern business building to reflect their corporate image.

How does your portfolio compare to that of your competitors?

– Our portfolio has grown along with our clients, by listening closely to their needs and suggestions. We work with property owners and investors on every aspect of their property strategies and assist them in developing, buying, selling, leasing, evaluating and managing their properties. Our real estate listing comprises a wide range of properties located in attractive parts of Belgrade, all built according to the highest standards. This tailor-made approach has enabled us to include among our portfolio such esteemed clients as embassies, members of the diplomatic corps, various project-based experts implementing governmental or company projects, multinational corporate offices, middle- and senior-management expatriates et all.

We provide best in class brokerage services to all those seeking to rent or buy real estate in Serbia

Which services do you offer your clients?

– Whether they are looking to invest, buy, sell, lease, evaluate or manage property, we are here for them.
• residential and commercial real estate brokerage, mediation in leasing and sales processes, legal assistance following the confirmation of the Transaction Agreement, tax procedures, procedures in public companies;
• real estate advisory services for developing and controlling property rentals, advice on the sale and purchase process, property analysis when leasing or buying property;
• consultancy and support for new projects;
• property and evaluating advisory services with certified property evaluations for various uses, legal advice, due diligence reports;
• property and facility management services.

On the basis of your expertise, what do you think will be the major trends in supply and demand for the market in 2017?

– In 2017, we will witness a further stabilisation of the market in terms of the supply and demand ratio, as well as in terms of sale and lease prices. With large projects coming to completion in 2017, the supply of quality properties will be on the rise, while further stabilisation of the country’s economy will continue to influence the real estate market´s recovery trend.