Tony Verheijen, World Bank Country Manager for Serbia:

A New Frontier For NALED Lies In Stimulating Entrepreneurship

For me, NALED is a platform for substantive dialogue on critical policy and reform issues in Serbia, and also a professional organisation that provides important policy advice to the Government and the international community

NALED is unique and can bring together all forces: politicians, civil society, academics or the international community around issues, and there are very few organisations in Serbia that have the ability to do this.

For us, NALED’s greatest achievement is its contribution to improving the business climate in Serbia. In particular, the role NALED has played in driving the process of reforming the Law on Construction Permitting and Planning, which was a major drawback for Serbia’s investment climate. NALED’s role in driving this debate has been extremely important.

I believe that Serbian politics will not change fundamentally in the coming decade, so a platform and organisation that can play a convening role will remain relevant in Serbia. However, the new frontier for NALED lies in entrepreneurship: changing the way private enterprises and the general public see entrepreneurship and private initiative as a critical factor in driving Serbia’s future growth.

NALED’s role in removing barriers to entrepreneurship and stimulating it may be really critical.