Jasna Atanasijević, Director of the National Secretariat for Public Policy:

Dialogue Is The Best Route To Quality Regulations

The National Secretariat for Public Policy was established in 2014 to harmonise the creation of public policy and assure a high quality regulatory environment

The task of the National Secretariat for Public Policy is to ensure that the government’s policies are mutually consistent and of high quality, achievable in accordance with financial possibilities and consistently enforced.

In both of these areas, good practice means high quality communication and consultation with the private sector, i.e. all of those who can contribute to higher quality policies and regulations from their own perspective. Several associations are particularly active in this field, and NALED’s contribution certainly stands out, supported by its members’ insight and its analysis.

The role of the Secretariat for Public Policy, as an expert body of the Government, is to consult NGOs to identify policy recommendations for solving problems in the public interest

There are numerous examples of high quality cooperation with NALED, primarily in the domain of improving the business environment. We can emphasise cooperation on preparing and monitoring the programme for improving Serbia’s rating on the World Bank’s Doing Business list, as well as programmes for reducing the grey economy.