Dragana Davidović, HR Manager, HEINEKEN Serbia:

Company That Connects People

“HEINEKEN Serbia keeps pace completely with global standards applied in the field of human resources”

With more than 250 brands and operations in more than 70 countries of the world, HEINEKEN is a company whose products, by definition, connect people – says Dragana Davidović, at the start of her response to the question regarding priorities when it comes to employees. She says that, even prior to selection, HEINEKEN sees people who possess such a character and energy, whilst at the same time having an adequate education and previous work experience.

– It is precisely in such a working environment, filled with respect, collegiality and constructive communication, that employees can realise their potential and be efficient and satisfied. And when it comes to their satisfaction, I am proud of the results of the latest business climate survey. HEIENEKEN conducts this research each year on the basis of assessments of employee satisfaction in key areas, such as business, professional development, material and non-material incentives, working conditions, interpersonal relations, their position and perspectives within organisation, access to information and communication, management and overall business policy. We use the collected data to define action plans in the context of further improving conditions and working methods.

HEINEKEN has adopted the so-called “tailor made” approach in the field of human resources management, which implies a lot of training and specialisation for each individual work process. To what extent is HEINEKEN Serbia able to keep pace with the high standards that are applied in this field at the global level?

– The ”tailor made” approach allows us to pay more attention to the individual characteristics of each employee. We adapt this approach to everyone, taking into account age group, life experience and personal aspirations, all in line with the role that employees play in the company. Depending on the fulfillment of criteria, for the sake of stimulation and satisfaction, we prepare a large number of workshops, training courses and conferences, as well as additional formal education in accordance with individual and company needs. We are proud of our applying of this approach in our company, because it impacts directly on a positive working atmosphere, team spirit and the attitude of employees towards their job, as well as interpersonal relations within the company.

We are proud of our teams in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zaječar, because they have made it possible for HEINEKEN to take a leading position, and our task is to continue motivating them, educating them and creating the best possible conditions for their work

In the past decade, the HR sector has been given much more importance around the world when it comes to planning and building long-term company strategies. Is this trend also applied in Serbia?

– I believe that the trend you mention is present in most companies in Serbia, and that HR sector is given importance when it comes to planning and building company strategies, or at least things are heading in that direction. It is also necessary for colleagues within the framework of HR to have knowledge and skills applicable to the industry in which they work, as well as from other functions (marketing, sales, communication, etc.), in order for them to be able to contribute to the development of the strategy in the company where they work. Alongside our brands, human resources are the key to our success on the market, which is why the way in which these resources are managed is crucial to creating and executing strategies. We take care to ensure that our employees are in the right positions to provide their maximum contribution. Defining the key competences needed to enable employees to respond to future demands is another area we deal with, in order to be ready for future challenges.