The Time for Skiing Has Arrived!

Spending time in the snow, or rather – to be more precise – on ski slopes, does not exclude considerations of style. It’s important that you feel warm and comfortable, but there’s no reason not to look good at the same time. Indeed, when it comes to sports, style often seems more important than skill. Skiing could also be included in such sports, at least when it comes to recreational skiers

Of course, it’s primarily essential that you’re warm enough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also be stylish.

When it comes to fashion, the variations for winter sports aren’t infinite, which ensures that the styles on offer don’t differ much from season to season.

Most skiers love vibrant colours, so that preference guides the companies that produce ski equipment. Some people, however, prefer simplicity, which is why white or black are always an option. The choice is ultimately yours.


Vita faux-fur and shell down jacket



Ski overall in grey&white



Fovea Pink/Gold Mirror – Ski goggles



Evo – Snowshoes



Supreme OTG Modulator 2.0 Nxt S1-3 – Ski goggles



Flexagon Back Protector



HLMT 300 Visor – Ski helmet



Lofoten Gore-TexPro One-Piece -Overalls



Women’s Air Vest – Protector


Tundra CWB – Winter boots€170



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