Scarves The New Power Accessory

Most people use fashion accessories to best emphasis elements of an outfit, and in recent times scarves have become the best friend of both women and men when it comes to making a fashion statement on a daily basis

Scarves are perfect when you want to add colour to your outfit. They are actually perfect for both formal and casual wear, and the best advice is very simple: try to experiment with scarves for any outfit and add style to your attire.

In theory, silk scarves have everything going for them. They’re an uplifting hit of colour and patterns, evoking breezy glamour scarves that can be a wearable work of art. In reality, the silk square has been upstaged in recent years by the cosier cashmere stole — possibly fringed, quite often in a rock ’n’ roll leopard print or paisley.

Wear them as a bandanna, because they can instantly upgrade any white t-shirt.

Can men wear scarves? Of course! The super-skinny scarves are a great louche alternative to a tie, as they are less stiff, and a scarf could prove both functional and fashionable.


Alowond scarf

Pink cashmere and silk blend


Fox fur scarf

Timeless items with traditional Milanese
a construction such as this fox fur scarf




Embellished fur scarf

Brown mink fur embellished
fur scarf featuring a mix of
stone embellishments.




polka dottedscarfGrey black silk polka dotted scarf.





painted skull print scarf

Multicolour wool painted skull print scarf from Alexander McQueen featuring frayed edges.




Royal print scarf

This green scarf features the brand’s signature medallion print





Vintage Check Colour-Block Wool Silk Scarf

Light mint green and beige Vintage Check Colour Block

Wool Silk Scarf from Burberry




Artist Stripe Cashmere Scarf

A super-soft addition to new-season accessory rotations, the label looks to its quirky side with a signature Artist stripe pattern, infusing warm outerwear pieces with colour




Striped symbol scarf Featuring a wildcat intarsia motif, GG Wallpaper emblems, a Saturn detail knit and multi-striped detailing is a wonderfully eccentric piece



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