New Goals for a New Year!

2019: Resolutions for the Most Successful Year


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Do Something You Love

This is a critical factor gleaned through interviews with almost 100,000 managers. They narrowed down the questions asked to those that most clearly appeared to define workplaces that are happy, motivating and productive.

Ask yourself, “do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?” People able to answer this question in the affirmative are more likely to be happy and productive at work, so resolve to be passionate about your work; to do the thing you do best every day.

Do Something Just for You

Resolve to set time aside for yourself every day. Use it to exercise, relax, reflect, meditate, cook a gourmet dinner, write in a diary, go for a walk with your pet or do any other activity you feel like. Just make sure that the activity differs from what you already do all day long.

Give Yourself Credit When You Deserve It

It is important that you recognise your own excellent efforts. One way to do this is to maintain a file of the positive notes you’ve received, thank you letters and reminders of your successful ventures.

Strive to Learn Something New Every Day

Read voraciously in order to continue to learn and grow. Share concepts with colleagues and apply them in your department or organisation.

Establish Professional Contacts and Network

Look up former colleagues with whom you’ve lost touch and make sure to attend at least one professional meeting per month. You’ll benefit from the friendships and relationships.

Practise Professional Courage

Step out of your comfort zone. State what you’re actually thinking when you find yourself in this situation – if only once. You don’t have to be rude or argumentative – simply state your opinion quietly, concisely and professionally.

Listen More Than You Talk

The old adage about one mouth and two ears is true. Strive to listen to everything that your co-workers say this year. They might just want a sounding board, and not necessarily advice or problem-solving assistance.

Track Your To-Do List

Using a planner to map your activities enables you to free your mind of much of the daily details that can clutter your thinking.

Take up a New Hobby or Activity

Maybe this is the year you finally begin that collection from your dreams. Resolve to take the first steps towards participating in something that has always intrigued you and piqued your interest. You’ll add a new dimension to your world, which can impact positively on your business success.

Take Yourself a Little Less Seriously

You can get bogged down in serious deliberation, advice and problem-solving as you strive for business success, but you should also take time to laugh.

Smile when you hear stories about what your crazy employees are doing after hours. You don’t have to be the mature parent figure all the time. Enjoy them for their little quirks and differences. Appreciate the different strengths, skills and experiences they bring to the workplace.

Now Keep Those Resolutions

Nothing says that you have to tackle ‘all’ these resolutions. Choose those that apply to you most, as well as the ones you’re most likely to stick with.

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