Tijana Obradović, Founder And Partner, Stefial d.o.o.:

Quality Has No Alternative

With its residential and commercial buildings Maison Royale has reached the highest standards of metropolises worldwide and enriched Belgrade with beautiful, efficient buildings in the most prestigious sites in town

The founders of Maison Royale have brought years of international experience to Serbia, proving that quality, design, functionality and a prestigious location have no alternative when it comes to luxury residential and commercial building. These are some of the reasons why Maison Royale buildings are exclusive and recognisable at first glance.

Maison Royale builds luxury residential and commercial buildings in Belgrade. On what criteria and standards do you base such a demanding concept?

– Maison Royale is a lifestyle created in response to our clients’ high standards. It is based on our impeccable knowledge of the luxury real estate market and commitment to the quality and aesthetics of the living space. Our apartments are built and furnished luxuriously without compromising on functionality. Everything has to be high-spec, from the location to the design, materials and contractors. When we build in Belgrade we draw on our vast international experience. What sets us apart are our large surface apartments where we combine the look of traditional stylish city apartments with the latest technologies and furnishings.

We make sure that our clients feel safe and comfortable in our buildings.

We maintain the trust earned over seventeen years of doing successful business with integrity and discretion, communicating directly with our buyers. We believe that good communication is the best way to reach the common goal – complete satisfaction with the result achieved.

Our clients have high standards: they expect premium locations, exquisite buildings, all mod cons, privacy and security

In the world’s largest cities the location of the property is often more important than its square footage. What is your experience? Which locations do you usually consider before starting a project?

– To us, location is an absolute priority. A project, and everything else, hinges on whether we have found an ideal location. We don’t compromise on location any more than we do on functionality. We build in Vračar, Dorćol and in the city centre. We also build in Dedinje and we are likely to build in Senjak. Wherever in Belgrade we build we choose premium locations and often the most expensive ones.

What is your target market and are you planning any projects for 2017?

– Our clients have high standards: they expect premium locations, exquisite buildings, all mod cons, privacy and security.

Next year we are starting a new residential and commercial building in the heart of Vračar. Another one will be in the very centre of Belgrade. There are other ideas and plans but we are in no hurry.