Portonovi aims to promote the Bay of Kotor, and Montenegro as whole, across the entire world. It will provide the very best in service and understated luxury, and our target audience is impatient to experience it

The Portonovi Resort is approaching its 2019 launch date, following a spring period during which it has been exhibiting at numerous real estate and boat shows

Do you feel ready for the resort’s D-Day?

– Azmont Investments, as the developer and investor in this exquisite multipurpose resort, is proud and eager to see the opening of the Portonovi resort, in which we have invested substantial resources since 2012. Besides resources, lot of work has been done in terms of design, as well as on the creation of the experiences that Portonovi will offer.

Residents of the Portonovi lifestyle will have their choice of 214 residences during the development’s first phase of waterfront, village and marina residences, including low-rise apartments, penthouses and townhouses, set among high-end boutiques, salons, shops, galleries and world-class maritime-inspired restaurants. As an integral part of the Portonovi Resort, the D-Marin Portonovi Montenegro Marina will operate from this year, providing Portonovi investors with privileged access to 10 other D-Marin sites in the Adriatic Sea and the wider Mediterranean area. This marina will offer a variety of services to potential customers, paying special attention to customer relations and providing a high level of services, equipped to cater for vessels with a length of up to 120 metres and with a berthing capacity of 238.

What impressions did you take away from the top tourism festivals at which Porotonovi was presented?

Rashad Rasullu– Among many, the global property market welcomed Portonovi at the renowned Private Wealth Forums in Stockholm and Geneva this March, leading to the long-awaited exhibition in London this May. Apart from this, Portonovi was also showcased at this year’s MIPIM 2019, under the auspices of the stand and delegation of the Montenegrin Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, but also at the Moscow Boat Show, the International Boat Show in Düsseldorf and ICOMIA World Marinas Conference in Greece, together with D-Marin. Moreover, we are also sponsoring two important national events: the Festival of Real Estate Investments in Budva and this May’s Honorary Consuls Conference in Podgorica.

Growing interest from different countries around the world already classifies Portonovi as one of the most sought-after residential and leisure destinations in the Mediterranean

Visitors to the Portonovi presentation worldwide have had an opportunity to experience the look and feel of the resort, as well as to get more information on investment opportunities.

What does the launch of operations at Portonovi mean for the promotion of the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro and its investment climate?

– Growing interest from different countries around the world already classifies Portonovi as one of the most sought-after residential and leisure destinations in the Mediterranean. Portonovi marks the beginnings of a new world for Montenegro and its people, and particularly those local to Herceg Novi. The country is enjoying its renaissance – waiting to be discovered and enjoyed in all of its authentic beauty and business opportunities for years to come. The more significant and reliable brands there are, the more are yet to come. This is the highest quality formula for any country wishing to become a reliable partner on the international scene, and we believe strongly that Montenegro is achieving that more evidently every day.

On top of this, it is important to remind readers that we’ve invested significant funds that contribute to the overall betterment of the area, especially when it comes to infrastructure and the tourism offer itself. Once the project is completed, Portonovi investments will total 969 million euros, including VAT. By the end of March 2019, Azmont Investments had already invested 435 million euros, including VAT.