Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation

Europe Must Become the Global Innovation Powerhouse

Digital research, innovation and a good ecosystem are the key to developing tomorrow’s digital economy and society. The Horizon 2020 Programme, Europe’s main research and innovation programme, is helping to realise the ambitions of both Europe and the Western Balkans in this new world, while striving to preserve distinct European values

H.E. Marco Antonio García Blanco, Ambassador of Mexico

Support Based on Constitutional Principles

Mexico’s position over Kosovo will remain the same; that is, full adherence to the United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999), which opened a political dialogue for a peaceful solution. Mexico will respect the agreement reached as a result of such dialogue. In this context, Mexico does not recognise the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo, and does support the territorial integrity of Serbia – Marco Antonio Garcia Blanco

Paco Borao, President of AIMS

Belgrade Marathon Thwarted by Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The Belgrade Marathon has for over 30 years represented one of the largest sporting, social and humanitarian gems of Belgrade and Serbia. Having joined the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) in 1990, it has long been, and remains today, as a reference and a firm supporter of this new and beautiful sport. AIMS today boasts a total of 449 members from 118 countries, including Serbia

Rumen Radev, President of Bulgaria

Pragmatic Dialogue Instead of Aggressive Tone

The refusal to hold any dialogue with Russia cannot possibly be a solution to a crisis. Despite the ongoing tension in the EU-Russia relations and the mutually imposed sanctions, Russia has reaffirmed itself as Europe’s traditional partner in the sectors of energy, the economy, tourism and the fight against terrorism. The leading EU member states have defended their economic interests in Russia, and I see no reason why this should not be valid for Bulgaria as well – Rumen Radev, President of Bulgaria

H.E. Hendrik van den Dool, Dutch Ambassador

Closing Chapters More Important Then Opening

The Negotiating Framework clearly states the accession negotiations are determined by progress on the rule of law and fundamental rights chapters, as well as the normalization of Serbia’s relations with Kosovo. The rule of law is not just a condition on paper, but an essential requirement to be able to implement reforms across the board – Hendrik Gerrit Cornelius van den Dool

NJ.E. Frederik Mondoloni, ambasador Francuske

Stogodišnjica jednog prijateljstva

Specifično prijateljstvo između Francuske i Srbije nije zaboravljeno, što dokazuje znatan broj ulica u Francuskoj koje nose ime u sećanje na Prvi svetski rat, u gradovima kao što su Brest, Klermon Feran, Denkerk, Mulen, Nansi, Never, Nim, Pariz, Poatje, Rems... Francuska učestvuje i u godišnjim ceremonijama koje se organizuju na Srpskom vojničkom groblju u Tijeu. Činjenica da Francuska može danas da prikupi više od 208.000 evra u dobrovoljnim prilozima za obnovu spomenka na Kalemegdanu takođe pokazuje da se taj istorijski savez pamti - Frederik Mondoloni

H.E. Philippe Guex, Ambassador of Switzerland

The Power of a Referendum

One should not underestimate the political wisdom of the people. However, I admit that a referendum is not an easy democratic instrument to handle. The political elite must be mature enough to refrain from having a hidden agenda when holding a referendum – Philippe Guex

Žan Batist Kizen, direktor Francuskog instituta u Srbiji:

Zajednička pričao prijateljstvu

„Ovo je značajan trenutak za Francuski institut u Srbiji zato što je Vlada Srbije uputila zahtev da postane punopravni član Frankofonije, i mi ćemo ga svakako podržati.“

Kristof Lekurtije, Generalni direktor agencije Biznis Frans:

Srbija je sve zanimljivije investiciono tržište

Mnogi kombinovani faktori pomažu Srbiji da privuče interes francuskih kompanija i poveća privredni potencijal: solidna industrijska tradicija nasleđena od Jugoslavije, visok nivo osposobljenosti stanovništva, strateška lokacija zemlje i učešće u trgovinskim sporazumima koji otvaraju prostor za snažan izvoz

Majo Mićović, President Of The Swiss-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce, General Manager Of Sky Express D.O.O.

Ever Better Cooperation

Switzerland is a country of serious business operations, cautious steps and intelligent investments. With such an investment nature, Swiss investors prefer to move step by step when it comes to expanding their operations in Serbia. The visible progress achieving in business conditions in Serbia provides a sound basis for further development and investments. Of late we’ve also been witnessing increased interest among Swiss businesspeople, particularly in the fields of IT, agriculture and energy