Danijela Popović Jurić, GM & Owner, Red Communication

Think Pink And – Red

Continuous improvement is the best way to deal with the challenges of digitisation and the constant economic crisis that makes it even more difficult for us to follow world trends. Adaptation to change will define our future success

Although online media have opened up unimagined possibilities for communication, Danijela Popović Jurić, General Manager & Owner at Red Communication, is convinced that the winning campaigns are those that rely on everything, including traditional channels of communication, television and the press.

How do you envisage the business climate for the functioning of agencies in 2016?

– An interesting year in every way is ahead of us; one more year filled with challenges. New forms of communication, advertising, new technological solutions, and many more interesting possibilities are waiting for us to take advantage of their full potential in 2016.

What is essential in order for us to stay in the game is to constantly inform and further improve ourselves in the dynamic and challenging field of marketing.

The business climate will not be much different than in previous years, in some places “cloudy and rainy”, and extremely variable, but I believe that with good ideas and creative thinking it will be a mostly sunny year. It is important to think pink, not to say think red.

Does Serbia have adequate infrastructure that would enable agencies to implement global trends and standards, and thus effectively service the needs of advertisers?

– People, people, people… people are an agency and I constantly repeat that. And every penny I earn I will invest in people. Well-established infrastructure is a very important factor in the work of a successful PR agency, but I am of the opinion that people are still a much more important factor.

High-quality, well-informed individuals willing to cooperate and eager to learn are a much more important factor in fulfilling and professional servicing the needs of clients. When it comes to what’s actually about Serbia’s relationship towards the outside world, it is a fact that our experts are not lacking when it comes to familiarity with technologies, trends and information. Poor operations and the leading of clients are more likely to be a result of the incorrect application of know-how than infrastructure.

Which channels of communication could be utilised to improve the efficiency of budgets intended for advertising?

– The world of advertising has changed with the expansion of digital channels of communication. We started to think “online” and to estimate, from the devising of each campaign from the start, how it will fare on social networks.

Although I believe in new media and the limitless possibilities offered by the implementation of good ideas, I am convinced that the winning campaigns are those that succeed in integrating their message through a range of different channels that consumers encounter, and that also includes traditional media, such as television and print media.

The fact that we love our “crazy job” is something that drives us every day to become even better and more successful

What do you consider as being the “golden rules” of market communication?

– For a good market, as well as for any type of communication, I think two things are necessary – careful listening and honest speaking. If you are not a clear, concise and emotional communicator, you may be able to mask that temporarily and achieve momentary success, but in the long run, that will not lead you to success.

What are the current issues of the profession and the future challenges that will have to be faced by local agencies in the fields of marketing communications and public relations?

– Budget shortages bring lots of problems and challenges. Likewise, social networks, which influence public opinion increasingly, also bring with them problems and major crisis situations.

Constant improvement is the best way to deal with the challenges placed before us by the accelerated digitisation of everything and the constant economic crisis that makes it more difficult for us to follow world trends.

Adaptation to change will define our future successes, and the public relations sector is facing changes more than ever. The further professionalisation of PR and higher quality education will encourage positive changes and the accepting of ever more frequent innovation in our field.

How do your activities differ from those of your competitors and what makes you stand out on the market?

– We laugh and sing a lot. I’m joking a little, but it’s true. We have a wonderful and creative team that is dedicated to customers, which has allowed us to double in size in less than a year. We enjoy cooperating with the media and I have to admit that this love is mutual.

The fact that we love our “crazy job” is something that drives us every day to become even better and more successful. Business is like love – if you love, you give yourself fully if you don’t, then nothing. That’s why our trademark is a heart.

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