The Soul Of Venecia

Carnival in Venice (this year from January 27- February 13) is a one-of-a-kind celebration suspended between past and present with a traditional local allure featuring many event-within-the-event.

Among these, the starting two-day Festa Veneziana with its typical masked regattas, the Best Masked Costume Contest, the Festa delle Marie and countless iconic parades. Each year, Carnival includes celebrations whose history dates back to the times of the Serenissima, such as the famous eagle flight or the well-known Flight of the Angel, to name but a few. Carnival in Venice is the purest example of the perfect meld of tradition, culture and entertainment all in one.

Carnival extravaganza is mostly associated with its countless events held for almost 18 days throughout the most significant locations in the vibrant city centre. Starting from the preparation days before the official kick-in of Carnival celebrations, a true triumph of traditional craftsmanship, to parades, contests to vote the most beautiful masks or even stunning regattas, adults and the youngest ones alike currently get struck by the unique Venetian atmosphere.