Pay For Time Spent Drinking Instead Of Drinks

A unique venue has opened in Belgrade, where you can drink coffee and eat waffles or muffins and be charged for the time you spend there, rather than for the food and drinks you consume.

Share Square is, thus, the first café in Serbia to function according to the principle of paying by the hour. Behind Share Square is non-profit organisation Coordinaide, which has the mission of creating strong foundations for strengthening local communities by connecting individuals, groups, organisations and companies. Other than being a co-working space and an anti-cafe, Share Square is a physical space where members of the public can socialise and share skills, knowledge and information in an informal but organised and affordable way for all. Share Square adopts the principles of the sharing economy to lessen the cost of learning while also lowering the barriers to entry for those who have something to teach or share.

The Share Square concept came about due to the fact that there is monumental demand for the sharing of skills and knowledge online through social media platforms, but none that exist in “real life”.