New Gallery Dedicated To Pablo Picasso

A new museum is coming to Aix-en- Provence in southern France. Pablo Picasso’s stepdaughter, Catherine Hutin-Blay, has announced plans to convert a former convent into a gallery dedicated to the late Spanish artist.

The museum, to open near Picasso’s burial site, will showcase Hutin-Blay’s collection of 2,000 works, many of which were inherited from her mother Jacqueline Roque. Most of the works have never been exhibited before and the breadth of the collection will beat that of the Picasso museums in Paris, Antibes, Barcelona and Malaga together. Until recently Picasso was ranked the most-expensive artist (he only lost the title to Leonardo Da Vinci last year) and he remains the most prolific painter in the world, so the Musée Jacqueline et Pablo Picasso will be a welcome addition when it opens in 2021. The new museum will be built inside the former convent College of Preachers in Aix-en-Provence Picasso also happens to be the most stolen artist in the world – let’s hope Hutin-Blay installs a bulletproof security system.