Contribution Of Foreign Investors
To Serbian Economic Development.

Dear FIC Members,

alliance international media (aim) and the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) are proud to
announce the jubilee 20th edition of the annual publication entitled

Guide To
The Foreign Investors Council

The annual Guide to the Foreign Investors Council has long been accepted as the most userfriendly and relevant publication published before the annual FIC White Book. It is a publication that will be used as a reference throughout the year and which provides all relevant information regarding the Foreign Investors Council and its activities in Serbia.

As is the case every year, this exclusive guide contains comments, considerations, opinions and suggestions from representatives of the Foreign Investors Council, leaders of top international companies operating in Serbia, and the highest officials of the Serbian government.

This year’s publication, The Foreign Investors Council in Serbia: “Guide To The Foreign Investors Council 23/24”, will be distributed in September, in two formats:

🔹The digital version of the publication, in English, will be available on the websites of FIC, CorD magazine and individual FIC members (upon request);

🔹 The printed version of the publication, in Serbian, will be distributed directly into the hands of economic, business, political and diplomatic leaders in Serbia.

We invite you to participate and contribute to the undoubted success of this edition.

alliance international media

We would like to inform you that there is a possibility for additional promotion of your company, which could be of interest to you (various advertising possibilities include classical print ads, editorials, etc.)

For further details in this regard, please contact Maja Vidaković, executive director of alliance international media: +381 11 2450 508 or