Always “Me”, Never “Us”

Who Really Makes Decisions In Serbia?

At a juncture when the debate over whether the opposition can force the current president into a second round of voting is heating up, research shows that citizens would like more rule of law, but also a new “firm hand” which negates that very rule

A “captured state”, an absence of debate on key social issues, imposed minority opinions and numerous violations of the public’s right to know the truth have become parts of everyday life in Serbia, but also its destiny in a way. A large number of citizens who should represent an engine of change and a force that uses elections to punish the denying of democracy have become ambivalent towards freedom and obedience to the “firm handed” leader, thus creating space for the constant emergence of leaders for whom “I” always comes before the welfare of the majority.

Duško Lopandić Ph.D., Professional Diplomat And Expert On European Law And Regional Relations

Private Interest Above Those Of The Public

The scene and content of debates in the national assembly, or the state of certain media outlets, represent an illustration of the loss of...

Predrag Petrović, Research Coordinator Of The Belgrade Centre For Security Policy

Centralised And Personalised Decision-Making Undermines Public Trust

It is a problem that citizens would delegate these tasks to a “firm handed” leader, while the exit is actually through their greater engagement...

Srećko Đukić Ph.D., Former Serbian Ambassador And Current Member Of The Forum For International Relations Of The European Movement In Serbia

Decisions From The Top Determine Our (Un)Happy Destiny

A decision is a matter for the one at the top of the political pyramid. Maybe with others the making of decisions is preceded...

Zoran Stojiljković Ph.D., Faculty Of Political Science, University Of Belgrade

Captured, Partocratic State

We live in a society of falsely created confusion, of anomie and apathy, lacking consensus over key values, including desirable foreign policy goals The question...