Which Virus Are We Fighting?

Summer Like No Other

In the lives of many people, this will be the summer in which there was no sea, no holiday, no socialising with friends, and the summer in which some lost their loved ones and others lost their jobs. Perhaps we’ll also remember it as the moment of birth of a new world in which a government based on fear suppresses democracy

In this area we’ve remembered summers in which we faced scarcity, the collapse of the country and war, but we’ve never before had a summer in which we had the same, uniform and invisible enemy that is both global and local, both in us and among us. It has already resulted in multiple consequences that we are yet to face in terms of health, the economy and society. We spoke with our interlocutors about the unusual times in which we live and the personal and social responses to the threat confronting us.

Branka Drašković Ph.D., FEFA Faculty

We Expect Responsibility And Compassion From Leaders

During serious crises, all eyes are directed towards leaders and they are expected to provide guidelines, to express what everyone feels, to articulate further...

Gojko Božović, writer and publisher

Change To The Social Contract

Governments worldwide have used the fear of the virus to legitimise fear as a social and political resource. It can hence be said that...

Ivan Medenica, Artistic Director and Selector of Bitef

It Is Important To Conserve Energy

The state is obliged not to bury its head in the sand, but rather to simultaneously develop several scenarios for the time to come,...

Vesna Brzev-Ćurčić, psychoanalyst

Confronting The Unknown

We previously had an enemy that was external and was the cause of our suffering, and we had someone to be angry with. At...