Human Capital is the Weak Link of Our Development

What should the new Serbian government prioritise?

If we had to encapsulate the answers provided by our interlocutors in a single short message to the Government of Serbia, it would read “strengthen equality” … in terms of access to justice, education and the tax burden. Failing that, Serbia won’t achieve the average EU income level for the next 50 years

Assuming that the new Government of Serbia will function with a full mandate, it is presented with an opportunity to implement some long-term moves that could stimulate economic growth and standards of living. Instead of offering generalised messages about strengthening macroeconomic stability, the experts that we interviewed focused on specific recommendations for the removing of obstacles to economic growth.

First and foremost, this undoubtedly means strengthening human capital, then the fight against corruption, the removing of barriers to economic growth and fundamental reform of the system of personal income tax and mandatory social security contributions, enabling a more balanced distribution of the tax burden and the rights enjoyed by taxpayers.

Goran Radosavljević, Ph.D. Vice Dean and Director of the FEFA Institute

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Luka Baturan, University of Novi Sad Faculty of Law

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