We Have Enough Worries Without Poor Decisions

Sanctions Against Russia & Their Economic Repercussions

Prior to making a political decision on whether or not to impose sanctions against Russia, the new Government of Serbia would have to conduct a detailed analysis of the possible repercussions of such a decision. The answers clearly emerge and could have far-reaching ramifications. However, if we are occasionally left without sugar or electricity, we primarily need to look at ourselves, and not at others

What could the consequences be for Serbia’s economy if the future government opts to impose sanctions against Russia; or if the EU subjects Serbia to some kind of explicit or tacit punishment for making an unacceptable political decision not to impose said sanctions? What will happen and what will be lacking (flour, sugar, meat, energy, FDI, business, inflation, economic growth) if either of these scenarios happen? Our interlocutors have little doubt about the answer or what the new Government of Serbia’s priorities should be… They impose themselves through both political and economic calculations.

What concerns them is the fact that, before either of these two scenarios have even become operational, the Government of Serbia has already made a decent number of poor moves that have left us without sugar and electricity, in a country that has strong agriculture and a fairly reasonable energy system.

Aleksandar Vlahović, President Of The Association Of Serbian Economists

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