Unified Candidate In A Used Suit

Does the road to winning government run through presidential elections?

Is the Serbian opposition on the hunt for a new Koštunica; a man with whom many would disagree, but who would have the right character traits to make him be acceptable to voters who don’t vote for the parties currently in power? Which candidate would have the best chance of succeeding in that? Is that even a good route for the opposition to return to power? Our interlocutors, political scientists and public opinion researchers, propose that the opposition employ radically different tactics

Now that the idea of boycotting elections has almost certainly been abandoned, a question arises as to which route, if any, would most quickly lead the opposition to a change of government in Serbia. Alongside the battle for Belgrade, the idea of a joint presidential candidate has also come to the fore. Colloquially dubbed “Koštunica 2.0”, even before the mentioning of any name publicly, this potential candidate has already found himself in the not-so-pleasant shadow of the former trump card of the opposition parties that were gathered in the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS). Who could emerge from Koštunica’s overcoat?

Bojan Klačar, Executive Director Of The Centre For Free Elections And Democracy (CESID)

“Koštunica 2.0” Isn’t A Realistic Scenario For The 2022 Opposition Candidate

The opposition requires an authentic candidate for the present juncture, one who understands current problems and is ready to articulate the interests of citizens...

Bojan Vranić, Associate Professor, Faculty Of Political Sciences, University Of Belgrade

The Myth Of A Neutral Leader

It would be difficult for the opposition to justify the idea of a neutral leader as an engine of mobilising voters who’ve abstained for...

Duško Radosavljević, Political Scientist

Serbia Is Tired Of Leaders (For A Second Time)

Serbia needs high-quality political and development programmes, not unbridled trust in a specific person, to whom they attach all of their hopes, only for...

Zdravko Veljanov Ph.D. Candidate, Doctoral School Of Political Science, Public Policy And International Relations, Central European University

One Leader Cures All

Swift consolidation behind a common (even non-partisan) candidate is the only way to go. The candidate should be elected through a series of runoff...