Unexpected Successors Of Observed Losers

How New Leaders Are Born In The Western Balkans?

In societies where no space exists to build up new political leaders, those who succeed in displacing the old, compromised elites emerge as veritable “paratroopers”, self-made politicians reared elsewhere. Although the contexts differ to an extent, this sequence of events is confirmed by the experiences of Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bulgaria

The arrival of a new government in Montenegro has compelled us to return to the issue of the democratic capacities of the countries of our region, which very often face lengthy periods during which a single party holds power at both the national and local levels. Under such circumstances, how can we nurture new politicians who will have enough knowledge and experience to form functional and democratic institutions and government practices? What does the experience of shifts of government in the countries of the region tell us about new leaders and where they come from, how they form themselves as political figures and what kind of contributions they provide to building democratic societies? The answers of our interlocutors firstly tell us about our own societies and their capacities for democracy, and only then tell us about new leaders who have a tormented birth.

Despot Kovačević, Assistant Professor At The University Of Belgrade’s Faculty Of Political Science

New Leaders Operate In A Very Constricted Space

In order for a change in leadership to occur, it is necessary to satisfy an array of internal and external factors. When it comes...

Dejan Vuk Stanković, Political Scientist And Political Analyst

New Leaders Are Born When The Public Has Had Its Fill Of Old Ones

Montenegrin president-elect Jakov Milatović, influential europe now movement leader milojko spajić and Montenegrin PM Dritan Abazović are just “children of fortune”. They have no...

Zdravko Veljanov, Ph.D. Candidate Doctoral School Of Political Science, Public Policy And International Relations, Central European University

Breaking Barriers: The Promise Of A Fresh Start In Montenegro

In order to maintain his position and succeed in upcoming elections, the new president-elect must focus on improving his party’s capacities. This involves absorbing...

Zoran Stojiljković Ph.D., University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Political Science

Democratic Leadership And Upstanding Citizens

Is it even possible to have a strong and influential political leader within the confines of the current democratic system? I’m inclined to answer...