We Will Still Read One Another

The International Belgrade Book Fair

Some countries have decided, after the veritable fast of the pandemic, to boost the love of publishers and readers by providing publishing houses with significant incentives to present their books on well-arranged stands. Domestic publishers are awaiting visitors with a mix of hope and anxiety, but they already know that the book fair concept must change drastically if it wants to survive

The main motivation for the staging of this year’s Belgrade Book Fair is the great desire of almost all publishers to preserve one of the most important cultural events in our country – so Bora Babić, director and editor-in-chief of publishing house Akademska knjiga [Academic Book], succinctly summarises the fears and hopes of publishers who will await the public under the domes of Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair from 23rd to 30th October, after a break over two years that fundamentally changed the way we live and the way we perceive our reality and future.

We asked Mrs Babić and other reputable publishers and editors about the place of book fairs in this new reality. How much do they need to be physical gatherings and how much should they be digitalised? Do fair halls still represent undisputed arenas to encounter books and hang around with books; and how do they see the future of encounters between books and readers? Finally, considering the decidedly dark images of the immediate future, we asked our interlocutors whether book fairs should represent a way of fleeing the not-so-pleasant present or whether they should try to bring awareness to that present. Here are their answers.

Bora Babić, Director And Editor-in-Chief Of Publishing House Akademska knjiga [Academic Book]

Between Courage And Fear

A good book always enlightens, and we might be wise to read them more often, even as a self-imposed assignment. It is only by...

Branko Kukić, Editor Of The Official Gazette

Literary Bazaars

Publishing books is a process that’s connected to knowledge, to creation, to goals that are important for the formation of any society. And that...

Gojko Božović, Poet And Editor-in-Chief Of Publishing House Arhipelag [Archipelago]

Digital Reality Brings Into Question The Book Fair Concept

Even prior to the pandemic, book fairs faced the question: what to do today and how to continue to exist under fundamentally altered social,...

Vladislav Bajac, Geopoetika Publishing

We’re Returning To Writers!

Books mustn’t be an “escape from the present”: they are just a different reality, legitimate and equivalent to all others. Within them live the...

Zoran Hamović, Publishing Company Clio

Only The Sky Is The Limit

The fair is first and foremost a large gathering of creative people in action. If they speak against populism and dictators in an attempt...