More Than Decoration, Less Than Political Pluralism

Scope Of The Serbian Opposition’s Entry Into Parliament

The Serbian National Assembly has never had a strong democratic tradition, but an opposition with political creativity and originality has been able to raise topics from the parliamentary benches that are important to Serbian society and aren’t otherwise included in political discourse. For now, however, it remains unclear how oppositional the opposition really is

The entry of opposition MPs into the Assembly has reopened the debate on whether fresher winds of democracy could start blowing over Serbia from the parliamentary benches or whether it will remain a scene of political banality, tastelessness and cheap discourse. Here, CorD’s interlocutors offer nuanced answers about how parliament received seven deputy speaker seats and how that could benefit the ruling coalition and opposition parties.

Bojan Klačar, Executive Director Of The Centre For Free Elections And Democracy (CESID)

Open Doors

The return of the opposition to the parliament will lead to numerous changes. The national assembly will once again be pluralistic, with MPS that...

Despot Kovačević, Assistant Professor/Lecturer At The University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Political Sciences

Chance For The Opposition To Profile Itself Among Voters

The post-election dynamics of relations within the opposition showed that a debate will be led on the topic of genuine opposition to the regime...

Duško Radosavljević, Political Scientist

Opposition Playing “Red Flag”

It will be particularly interesting to watch the opposition play the game of “red flag” in front of an incensed ruling bloc that’s largely...

Đokica Jovanović, Sociologist

Fundamental Social Issues Aren’t Debated In Parliament

What we don’t see from the opposition are well-considered strategies. Today’s parties are incapable of making such enduring, large and significant mental endeavours. Their...

Jasmina Lukač, Political Editor At Daily Newspaper Danas

Décor For Unpopular Decisions

Serbian president Aleksandar VučIć expects a frontal conflict with part of the west and considers that unavoidable, and thus the return - not entry...