He Who Sows Incorrectly Has Small Hope Of A Bountiful Harvest

Is Inflation Our Destiny (Again)?

This time around, inflation didn’t occur as a result of the excessive printing of dinars, unlike many of the previous periods of inflation that we recall. However, the fact that we imported it – together with the entire planet – doesn’t mean that we cannot aggravate it, and that we aren’t already doing so. Whichever way we look at it, we’re awaited by a leaner year than we’d hoped for

In a country where memories of hyperinflation are passed down from generation to generation, and where periods of low, stable inflation have been rare, even the slightest increase in prices is a cause of irritation. Is that justified? Have Serbia’s government and central bank responded well? What kinds of totals are we talking about when it comes to annual inflation and to what extent is it in our power to curb price rises and preserve the value of savings? These are the questions that we posed to our interlocutors, all of whom are specialists in monetary and fiscal policy.

Dejan Šoškić, University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Economics

Not Everything Is In Others’ Hands – Some Things Are Also In Ours

A belated reaction, or the absence of a monetary policy reaction, can only lead to heightened inflation remaining in the financial system for longer,...

Jurij Bajec Ph.D., The University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Economics

Measures To Curb Inflation Are Mistaken

Short-term measures aimed at protecting standards, such as freezing the prices of key food items, interventions from commodity reserves or reductions in vat on...

Milojko Arsić, University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Economics

We’re Adding Fuel To The Fire

Tackling inflation represents the best way to preserve citizens’ living standards, while possible attempts to prevent standards from falling by additionally increasing salaries and...

Nebojša Savić Ph.D., Singidunum University Faculty Of Economics

The Dragon Of Inflation Was Lurking Around The Corner

Unlike some previous inflationary waves, the current inflation occurred under the strong influence of problems on the supply side. This huge pressure on costs...

Slaviša Tasić, Professor Of Economics, Researcher

Sobering Up Comes Next

Sobering-up will follow during this year, through a more restrictive monetary policy that will also be transferred to Serbia. That means reduced liquidity, a...