The Problem Isn’t That People Are Leaving. The Problem Is That They Have No Reason To Return

In Which Direction Is The Serbian Labour Market Changing?

Major changes have hit the Serbian labour market, which can be seen in the shortage of personnel for both complex and simple jobs. Although different approaches to solving this problem exist, they aren’t supported by a clear overview of the situation and systematic considerations about how the workforce of the future should look

The Vienna Institute for International Comparative Studies recently announced that the economies of Central and Southeast Europe are recovering faster than expected, while at the same time a labour shortage trend is beginning to be felt again. It is evident both in the area of highly educated workers and when it comes to workers who have completed a lower level of education.

Will we resolve the accentuated shortage of labour in Serbia through automation or importing lacking workers? Will we only entice cheap labour from underdeveloped countries or will we become an attractive destination for digital nomads? Is it possible to achieve circular migration in Serbia? These are some of the questions that have been relevant in Serbia for a long time, and which will only come to the attention of the public as demographic aging advances and people continue to leave the country.

Jelena Bulatović, Executive Director Of The Serbian Association Of Managers, SAM

We Must Decide What Kind Of Migration We Want

Automation will increasingly be on the rise, not only as part of progress and advancement, but rather as a result of the need to...

Marina Rakić, HR Director, MK Group

We Fight For Our Talented People

A large number of employers in Serbia are already importing labour to fill lower positions. At the same time, automation processes are being implemented...

Mihail Arandarenko Ph.D., Professor, Faculty Of Economics, University Of Belgrade

Circular Migrations Are Our Reality

People are increasingly leaving Serbia, but they are spending much less time abroad. Temporary work abroad is a far greater cause of labour shortages...

Miloš Turinski, PR Manager, Infostud

Unemployment Is A Thing Of The Past

The labour market has shortages in two directions. The first is certainly the it field, while the second encompasses semi-skilled occupations where the workers...

Sarita Bradash Researcher At The Centre For Democracy Foundation, CDF

Nobody Is Chasing A Bad Life

For whom could Serbia be an attractive destination when it has the lowest earnings in europe, which don’t even allow the majority of employed...