Stuck & Stubborn

How to interpret the latest European Commission report on Serbia?

It is almost certain that Serbia won’t open a single EU accession negotiation chapter this year. And this year will be, according to this criterion, the worst since the start of negotiations. But even more important is the fact that the number of criteria for membership is increasing, which we’ve imposed on ourselves, and interest in enlargement within the EU is weak

The new enlargement methodology, adopted in March 2020, puts even more emphasis on the rule of law and democratic institutions, precisely the areas where Serbia faces the greatest problems, says our interlocutor Nikola Burazer, Programme Director at the Centre for Contemporary Politics and the Executive Editor of the European Western Balkans. This is probably the most daunting problem when it comes to the longterm prospects of the pace of enlargement.

Dr Marko Savković, Executive Director, Belgrade Fund For Political Excellence

In The Wrong Street

Without progress on key chapters, 23, 24 and 35, membership negotiations could grind to a halt. Making matters even worse, as a society we’ve...

Nataša Dragojlović, Coordinator of The National Convention On The European Union

No Progress Without A Change In Approach

Both the eu and membership candidate countries need to change their approach. Candidates need to work faster and more decisively, and the eu needs...

Nikola Burazer, Centre For Contemporary Politics

Serbia Needs To Do Much Better: Democracy And Rule Of Law Are Key

The critical tones of the european commission report make it unlikely that Serbia’s EU accession process will speed up substantially, though that represents a...

Suzana Grubješić, Centre For Foreign Policy

Will The New Government Know Better?

Following the findings of the EC progress report, the new Serbian government is expected to redouble its efforts and speed up the reforms that...