Fruitless Elections

How The Ukraine Conflict Will Shape The Serbian Political Scene

The insistence of the international community that Serbia take a clear stance on the conflict in Ukraine could have far-reaching ramifications for the mapping of the domestic political scene, though it remains unclear what could result from the government’s discomfort and the opposition’s impotence when it comes to finding an answer to a question that’s crucial to the future of the country

The Serbian answer to the question of how it will determine its position on the war in Ukraine has seemingly halted and cast into shadow all processes on the country’s internal political scene. The results of the very recent presidential, parliamentary and local elections sound like “old news” under these new circumstances in which foreign policy responses dictate the composition of the future Serbian government and the conditions of cooperation between the government and opposition.

The price of the ruling party’s continuous satanizing of the opposition is more striking than ever. It has ensured that the party is today tormented in its struggle to find provisional support for the operation of transferring responsibility in making far-reaching decisions and is being forced to rely more on the opposition’s thirst for power than on high-quality interlocutors of European origin who could point the way to a sustainable solution that’s “of critical importance to the future of the country”, as one Focus interlocutor defined it. Here CorD’s four Focus interlocutors deal, in different ways, with unpacking and resolving this puzzle.

Duško Radosavljević, Political Scientist

Regret Comes To He Who Takes And He Who Doesn’t

If opposition leaders don’t agree to help Vučić navigate his way across to the other side of the political shore, they will betray their...

Dragan Đukanović, Professor At The University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Political Sciences

New Serbian Government Must Be Clearly Pro-european

Both neighbouring states and leading western countries like the U.S. or Germany will continue to insist that the new government of Serbia clearly determines...

Srećko Djukić, Diplomat, Former Ambassador, Member Of The EPUS Forum For International Relations

The International Community Will Provide The Impetus In Either/or Decisions

The country’ pro-russian and anti-european political scene can be reconfigured, but not in one fell swoop and not solely by the ruling party or...

Zoran Stojiljković, Ph.D., Professor At The University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Political Sciences

Forced (Half)changes

The post-election political scene, confronted by the certainty that it must impose at least symbolic sanctions on russia, will itself experience changes, and they...