Building Trust Through The Power Of Culture

How Influential Is Cultural Diplomacy In Times Of Crisis?

In times of global economic crises, conflicts and tragic events, like the one that recently befell Serbia, cultural diplomacy has the potential to remind us of our shared human and societal values, while fostering mutual cooperation and support. Even if it has to stay silent at times, the values that we share are in our thoughts and hearts

Terrible tragedies, like the ones that struck Serbia recently, leave us contemplating the loss of societal values and our collective human failure. As we seek avenues to rebuild trust, understanding, compassion, and inspiration to build better societies, cultural diplomacy emerges as a rich resource, providing valuable insights into ways to build bridges of understanding, foster empathy and nurture a shared sense of humanity.

H.E. Christopher Hill, U.S. Ambassador To Serbia

Mutual Understanding Is The Bedrock Of Community Resilience

Crises remind us to listen and be kind to one another, transcending divisions like politics and embracing our shared humanity Any crisis is a reminder...

H.E. Annika Ben David, Swedish Ambassador To Serbia

Freedom And Inclusion Strength Societies

Culture empowers the dynamic interplay of diversity, human rights and both social and economic cohesion, driven by the creative and cultural industries as drivers...

H.E. Raúl Bartolomé Molina, Spanish Ambassador To Serbia

Cultural Connections Foster Long-term Relationships

Cultural diplomacy operates on the basis of the belief that shared understanding can be nurtured through the promotion of cultural exchange and dialogue, thereby...

H.E. Pierre Cochard, French Ambassador To Serbia

Persistence In Upholding Cherished Values

Although the legacy of the enlightenment, as a cultural perspective, currently faces challenges, including from within the European Union, French cultural policy remains more...

H.E. Tomáš Kuchta, Czech Ambassador To Serbia

New Spaces For Cultural Exchange

We are delighted that part of the premises of the Czech house will soon become the office of the Czech cultural centre in Belgrade,...

H.E. Chen Bo, Ambassador Of China To Serbia

Culture Is The Bridge To Our Hearts

At this crucial juncture in history, we need more than ever before to uphold humanity’s common values of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and...